James Ratford Bridge

working with wood since 1949

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kitchens and bedrooms

With a choice of ranges and finishes, from the most contemporary to traditional country kitchens, you can be sure that when James Ratford Bridge designs and fits your kitchen it will be both practical and stunning.

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flooring specialists

There are wood floors and there are James Ratford Bridge wood floors. DIY tongue and groove boards are fine in their place but the difference in quality between those and a craftsman-fitted wooden floor from us is apparent to all who see and walk on it.

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beautiful staircases 

There's nothing quite like a James Ratford Bridge staircase, with skilled work and craftsmanship evident in every tread. We have been designing staircases for decades – and it shows.

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windows and doors

Both internal and external windows and doors made by James Ratford Bridge are designed with the same, thorough attention to detail that means long lasting products that require minimum maintenance.

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01 About Us

Based in the heart of rural Pembrokeshire, James Ratford Bridge is a leading-edge designer and manufacturer of wood products, with quality and value stamped into everything we do.  

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02 Contact Us

We want to hear from new clients and existing clients so please get in touch today   to see how we can help.

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